Fri Jun 23 10:38:38 SAST 2017

Love at first sight is scarce when you are shaped like a broom with dololo booty

Some would think a petite shorty like myself would be spared body issues that have haunted women for decades.

Join the Food Revolution - get your kids eating healthy

Chef Shane Smit and the children who were part of the healthy eating workshop Picture: Supplied Healthy eating has long been treated like a near impossible task.

Durban shishanyama and prison to screen movies for international film fest

In what is likely a first for South Africa‚ an international film festival will use a township tavern as one of its screening venues‚ and a local prison as another.

Nothing is going to get the Knysna Oyster Festival down

Oysters Picture: Free stock image/pixabay It’s all systems go for the Knysna Oyster Festival in July‚ in spite of the recent devastating fires that wreaked havoc in the region.

Durban restaurants say strawsmustfall

Chicken franchise Afros has done away with straws to protect the environment Picture: JACKIE CLAUSEN It’s the last straw for some environmentally conscious Durban food establishments‚ who say they have had enough of plastic pollution.

Peels taper and improve the skin

‘Dine and dash’ couple agree to perform community service

Plastics SA says companies need to take accountability for ocean contamination

May31, 2017.

'Moderate' drinking linked to brain damage: study