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An essential guide to fashion jargon

If the idea of an "It girl influencer" sitting in a "frow" watching a "gender fluid" collection avai.

There’s an app to make you 'shark smart' in Cape Town

Want to take a dip in the sea but are too scared of sharks? [0] comments

Parents beware, Christmas is here to blow holes into your pockets

Beware the heady days of Christmas are just around the corner. [18] comments

Babies should sleep in parents' room first year: US doctors

Researchers have new recommendations for safe sleeping environments for infants, including moving the baby to a separate sleeping space after breastfeeding, and the use of pacifiers. ©LPETTET/ To reduce the risk of sudden death, babies should sleep in the same room as their parents but in their own crib or bassinet for the first year of life, US doctors said Monday. [0] comments

How chemo helps body fight cancer

The word "cancer" is enough to send shivers down anyone's spine. [0] comments

Study suggests a derivative of vitamin B9 improves language skills in autistic children

Folinic acid, a drug derived from folic acid (a synthetic form of vitamin B9), could improve autistic children's ability to communicate, according to a study published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry. [1] comments

Black women should celebrate their hair‚ says Congolese photographer

Only black girls and women are ever told how they should wear their hair‚ says Brazzaville photographer Robert Nzaou Kissolo. [2] comments

Unlocking potential in hairstyles

My lover is not keen to discuss future of our relationship

Smit is ready to take the helm of Jamie Oliver restaurant

Close-up of a fork on a dining table Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Wife won't talk to me since our son's death