Thu Feb 23 09:23:10 SAST 2017
WATCH: You've probably never seen South Africa look this good

A Dutch cinematographer has captured amazing South African landscapes and wildlife in a YouTube vide.

The things we used to do - before technology changed our lives

Pre-Google you had to find a book‚ blow the dust‚ open it and page through for information‚ only to not find what you were looking for. Times have changed‚ and many things are changing with it.

South Africans increasingly ditching cash and queues for online shopping

South Africans are fast getting over their cyber anxiety‚ as more and more are choosing to ditch cash and queues for online shopping.

Genetic test to determine reaction to medicine is on the market

Pills or antibiotics Picture Credit: Thinkstock The future of medicine is here and a genetic test may be able to determine if a person will have a bad reaction to certain medicine or not respond to certain drugs at all.

Baby brain scans may reveal autism risk: study

Brain scans of babies may predict which ones will develop autism, a debilitating disorder whose symptoms can be softened with early behavioural therapy, researchers have found.

Daily stress can negatively affect sleep, causing more stress the next day

New research has found that daily stressors may be a reason why you might not be sleeping well, and that the poor sleep they cause will also cause worse sleep the next day, creating a vicious cycle that can affect both individuals and their families.

Access to a woman's body is not a male birthright

About a week ago, the University of the Witwatersrand announced it had dismissed a law professor and registered him on the sexual offences registry after months of investigations into sexual harassment.

Survey reveals SA's appetite for adult toys

Fluffy handcuffs Picture: Free stock image/pixabay

How to survive Valentines Day when you’re single 

OPINION:I'm not sure if I need all these friends in my life

Female Friendship Picture: Free stock image/pixabay

Keeping up standards - South African chef retains Michelin star

Close-up of a fork on a dining table Photo Credit: Thinkstock