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Health Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi. Picture Credit: Kgothatso Madisa
In sickness and in health

Medical students get married in November in order to ensure they don’t get sent to far-flung posts i.

By Kgothatso Madisa | 2014-08-26 20:00:00.0 | COMMENTS [ 112 ]

Tears flowed as Menzi Ngubane delivered his version of the story regarding the poor working conditions that the Generations Actors Guild were protesting against.

COMMENTS [ 112 ]

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So ndoda, you only discovered when you got to hospital that you don't have medical aid?!?!? Oh dang, you were in character when you went to hospital, I'd be confused too.

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Unless he had medical aid but wasn't a main member and removed without knowing then I'll believe, or maybe he thinks he's still on set, shooting a scene where they're holding a press conference...

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He has been acting for the whole of his life , He should have been rich by now having his own medical aid , I blame the mismanageemnt of funds from these actors , This man Ngamla is earning 80K but does not have medical aid

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Capitalist will always have ways to exploit others, how other parties in the process are affected they don't give a damn. They forever give one side of the story, like Mfundi Vundla did last week. It is not yet uhuru

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u huru me huru everybody's huru.Okay I'm just having fun with words. Please don't miscarry.

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Haaaahaaaa. Don't worry man

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Lol ayoba RobinX

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Ag enough of this Generations crap now. Personally I think the issue is getting a lot more attention than such a trivial matter deserves. Strike. Don't strike. But just stop whining! I find it a pity that John Kani has involved himself in what is essentially not his battle but his son's.

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I agree enough about this already!

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Maybe he is nosy by nature

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I think you guys are not fair by basing you opinions and comments based on the fact that you dont watch and like the soapie. I am also not a fan of Generations but we are looking at mere South africans who are simply fighting for what is due to them like me and you.You cannot honestly make a comaprising of someone working as a garder to someone acting on set, there is a vast difference and the nature of work which is done here, as we have read that the soapie generates a lot of money in revenue and the the viewership is currently on top compared to the rest of other TV programs, thus making their current earning low because the production is making more and generating more money out of them. These are family people who also need to cover daily expenses of life like anyone else, so let us please cut them some slack and let them receive what is rightfully theirs, if you dont earn R55 000 does not mean you have to call others greedy, you maybe working in a different environment or industry that generates a different revenue

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They also have to be reasonable. This is Generations we are talking about, not Desperate Housewives! SABC is their ONLY client. They are not selling the airing rights to 50 other countries. You also have to take into consideration that revenue for Generations off sets production costs of other productions.

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Momma, do you think its fair for these actors to work without contracts? Do you know, without contracts, no financial institution is willing to take a risk on them, be it a home loan, car finance or a lousy personal home. Generations makes more money by selling it to other countries, these actors are antitled to royalties. Mfundi is in my humble opinion a real exploiter, he knows, by disclosing R55k salary people will think that is extreme, what about all the other deductions. Every caring employer should have an employee assist programme, it was his duty to assist Menzi not blackmail him. How many actors or say entertainers die & buried like paupers & we think these people make millions. Mfundi, Give the actors their royalties, Give them long term contracts, Give them subsidised medical aid as part of the contract, Salaries should be revised annually or atleast add CPA.

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I am a consultant and I don't get three year 'contracts'. If you want a 'regular' job then go get one. At R55k a month, you should be able to save enough to put a large enough downpayment on something so that the bank will be willing to give you a loan (I speak from experience).

Which 'countries' is Generations sold to? I have never seen it on any other TV station

An actor is not an 'employee' and the producer is not their 'employer'. An actor is a free agent who works for themselves.

What happens if the story line has one of the characters die off? Do you really expect the producer to pay them for 3 years where they don't even appear in the production? What about the other projects that the producer attempts? Do the actors now lose money because the producer lost money? This isn't making Widgets!

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#Normad this is greediness baba , tell them nt to spend more than their means, why do they stay in property that costs R35 000 pm whereas you earn R55 000 , drive BM cost R18000 pm just because you want a show off, mcxxxxm

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these people are driving Range Rovers and Cayennnas , no the are gold diggers

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Jaa and mfana waseskhawini and they spend R10 000 a month on expensive whiskies but they cannot pay R2000 medical aid,

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Mollo Dr Mgijimi wazelaphi eSikhawini wawunentombi ebuya esikhawini oooh ubufunda oNgoye

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eskhawini,emahlabathini,kwanongom,emhlathuze bendijola khona Dandan mfanakithi

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washiye izintombi ezinhle pha ePE

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I wanted to explore son, I constantly try to tap a venda chick but they are tribalist if you cant speak venda,angekhe bakuqome

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This is ridiculous R55 K is a lot of money I don't care who says what. I am running my business and you won't believe how much I earn as a salary, I have a medical aid from my own salary and it is not subsidies by anyone. Am I against the Generation actors for striking, no it is their right but that does not mean they are earning peanuts, we have people working for tenderprenuers earning R600 per month and not having any job security. Yes it was very bad for Generation management to expect the actor to be on the scene while he was still ill and that I condemn it 100% , yes there actors and actresses' rights should be improved but no one should tell us that R55 K is peanuts. Every actor of actress knows that there are no medical aid scheme provided by a set

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@ Mzabalazo Image counts a lot when it comes to prominent or public figures. I am not concerned of how they spend or utilise their income but sometimes these people are in so much pressure in trying to maintain their good image to everyone, as tv viwers we expect them to leave the lives we normally watch on set but the real life has something different.Imagine seeing ngamla sitting on one of those dogdy township tarvens drinking 750ml black are the 1st one to take his photo and send it to shwashwi or daily sun but yet you critiseze them when they leave a specific lifestyle. They may be living this fake lifestyle somehow not by choice but they try very hard to maintain a pecific image to the public or media

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They can maintane the high lifestyle with the money they are earning , 55 k is earned the lowest paid actor , If you dont want them to drink 750 ml then who must drink those beers we are the same God loves us all

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ja Robie enough abou generations, Pirates and sundowns are playiong tonight which side is your favourite?

2014-08-27 09:29:39.0 | 1 replies


I don't really watch sport.

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maybe you might try watching it, I do not think its too late to discover a new hobbie

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You knew when you went to the hospital that you didnt have any medical aid...thats bad...I just dont like the fact that Mfundi had to embarrass you to the public that you were not medically covered...that stain will be with you for life

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And for some1 getting R55K average salary not to have a medical aid is something I don't understand unless if generations management offered it under terms of employment, then Ngamla has an excuse, otherwise, a hambe a yo fa, Millions of us earn peanuts from govt, but pay our own medical aid!

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from the R55k...he could have easily took R5k and cover his ^ss...instead, it went to single molts and the likes...its a shame

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5k is even too much, 2500 can get one medical aid

2014-08-27 09:51:06.0 | 2 replies


i know mfethu...

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Mna ndisebenzela i medical aid bebengakhona ukuba nayo basile qha

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Ubuzwe ngubani ke Mshovekahle uba usebenzela bani? *lost*

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but it is easy for them to buy cars than taking medical aids, mcxxxm

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and 20 year old single molts..eishh

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Oh, cry me a river! If you want a regular 9-5 job with all the perks, get an accounting degree! Everyone pays for their medical aid and everyone has deadlines. I have been in bed, with a full back brace on, and had to write reports! I've also been doped up and wheeled onto planes to go and do site visits to complete an assignment - you don't see me crying like a baby. It is part of the joys of being your own boss!

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These people are crazy if they are nt happy with the job why nt quit and move on

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Can you be my boss with all the benefits

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the truth is these guys were not paid what they're worth and Mfundi is selfish.

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How do you value someone's worth

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Fuuuuccckk the ANC. We cannot continue to be fooled by these embiciles for a long time. EFF please continue to make these fooools awake in parliament. Remember back then, these fat cats only went to parliament to have morning breakfast, sleep,fart, have lunch, sleep, fart, have afternoon tea, sleep and fart. Now parliament is lively. Even the two-headed president is awake all the time.

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If the government and the ANC can attend to other strikes like this one, this country will be on G8

2014-08-27 08:40:18.0 | 2 replies


If Sa sa Africans spent their time wisely everyday between 8 - 8:30 our country would be on G8.

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where did you get your profile pic

2014-08-27 09:12:38.0 | 1 replies


You are just fine as you are kenwamorula !!! beauty is only skin deep

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mfundi is greedy mxm if it wasn't for these actors generations would be buried bwecause it is boring just that the actors are good except for that uselss Sello

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It seems Mfundi Vundla is not happy that they are getting R55K.If it was left to him he would give them two C@stle lites and pat on the back as payment.

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Dont worry Charloza your boyfriend Ngamla is earning more than 55 k

2014-08-27 11:24:05.0 | 1 replies



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The lowest paid actor is earning 55k

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These guys they want to earn 100k per month, annually 1.2mil, bliksem what a lebotha.

2014-08-27 09:02:15.0 | 2 replies


even above that , they compare themselves to Hollywood actors

2014-08-27 09:09:55.0 | 0 replies


They want to earn More the President

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Vundla knows the truth. My friend took me to a hospital. When we got there, we discovered that I am not on any medical aid and my friend signed a cheque to cover the costs." xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I cant believe this , He descovered when he was sick that he does not have a medical aid , Its his responsility to have a medical aid for himself and his family , He is earning a lot To hell with these greedy stupid actors

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When we got there, we discovered that I am not on any medical aid. ....................................................................... i mean really now how would you have been on any medical aid if you have never apply for it....jy is dom saan

2014-08-27 09:11:28.0 | 1 replies


Never filled an application form but you expect to be on medical because you are an actor , This man is crazy

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When we got there, we discovered that I am not on any medical aid .......................................................................... i mean really now, how would you have been on medical aid, if you have never applied for for it

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Matroon and Altus in 7de laan earn R100k per month .They deserve R120 000 per month.

2014-08-27 09:18:59.0 | 0 replies


We heard it previous years that Menzi won the actor of the year award with millions. He was threaten by thugs.Were is that money. Financial advise is open for all South Africans unlike the previous apartheid. This people eat money like hell. Come on people wake up.

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Normad... how many people get paid according to what they make in this world. Generations or any other famous people like soccer players waste a lot of money. 55K and still cant afford a R6000 medical aid (most comprehensive are around that much). So how much do you think Marikane Rock Drillers deserve as they make millions a day? so how much do you think doctors in public hospital deserve because they make less than R200 a day? You cant base salaries on production unless you are the owner of the business.

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It just goes to show that Mfundi Vundla is a grade 1 monster. What a shame? A typical black boss indeed....

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It has now become apparent that people who patronise Sowetanlive are nothing but imbeciles through their comments. Many people here comment without reasoning capacity. What would you feel if you were treated the same way as Menzi was? I'm sick and tired of all you hypocrites! Aren't you the same people who jump up and down when white companies do the same to you. You make one sick with your foolish behavior. After an operation, one needs sick leave for at least a few weeks to recover. But the same Mvundla who has made hundreds of millions our of these actors behave like an imperialist.

2014-08-27 10:17:58.0 | 2 replies


Actors don't work for a 'company'. They work for themselves!

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He must get a medical aid first and ask his doctor to book him off if he is not feeling well

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Mshove...G Morning...Absolutely, he agreed to work now he wants us all to feel sorry for him. He should have gotten a medical aid long time ago and at that time, he should have asked doc to book him off. No employer can deny anyone the right to stay off sick.

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Well said , No one will force you to work if you are off sick

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t has now become apparent that people who patronise Sowetanlive are nothing but imbeciles through their comments. Many people here comment without reasoning capacity. What would you feel if you were treated the same way as Menzi was? I'm sick and tired of all you hypocrites! Aren't you the same people who jump up and down when white companies do the same to you? You make one sick with your foolish behavior. After an operation, one needs sick leave for at least a few weeks to recover. But the same Mvundla who has made hundreds of millions our of these actors behave like an imperialist.

2014-08-27 10:24:30.0 | 2 replies


Sane1...The company forces no one to work. Menzi should have walked if he felt that his working conditions are not what they should be. Employees have a choice; you either work or you walk. Employees cannot hold the company at ransom. That their working conditions are these ways is perhaps a debate for another day, and they have accepted those working conditions for as long as Generations have been on our screens. I feel that SAns have a tendency to demand more money AT ALL COSTS, yet they not even deserving of that money.

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JAAAA as for one called to work 3days after being discharged was cruelty at its best, but ngamla made a mistake by not getting himself a medical aid. Mfundi is no saint he must give actors increament

2014-08-27 10:48:22.0 | 1 replies


What increament 100k per month they are crazy just for pretending to be some one else , As for going to work after hosipitalisation you need to ask your doctor to book you off if you are not feeling well

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akana medical aid he could not afford 350 cash to pay a doc

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t has now become apparent that people who patronise Sowetanlive are nothing but imbe-ciles through their comments. Many people here comment without reasoning capacity. What would you feel if you were treated the same way as Menzi was? I'm sick and tired of all you hypocrites! Aren't you the same people who jump up and down when white companies do the same to you. You make one sick with your foolish behavior. After an operation, one needs sick leave for at least a few weeks to recover. But the same Mvundla who has made hundreds of millions our of these actors behave like an imperialist.

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You imperialist, we understood the first time. You don't have to spam us. jirrie!!

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Shredder....Gud morning...I see you red hot like last season. You think you will win the league this time around? U think you will beat the Mighty Bucs on the 20th of sept?

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Considering what whiny garbage that is, it really isn't worth doing copy and paste all over the place!

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@ Sane1, who died and made you a genius? People are entitled to their opinions!

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I remember him when he was Cijimpi...wayeyi bari laphaya. This job sucks...

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tltiltiltiltilti kwakwkwakwa

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He is not a responsible man

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Are you 6 but want to be 9?

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Whats your advice wena nkandlani?

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@Mshove, how are thing my man?

2014-08-27 12:38:45.0 | 1 replies


Good nad you ? Where is ur lovies my man?

2014-08-27 12:57:49.0 | 2 replies



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lovies is on leave, she will be back next week

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(SIXNINE.CON) not dot COM, and see methods to become a millionaire

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Ng'amla, tigers don't cry.

2014-08-27 12:28:13.0 | 0 replies


extchuse me

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Umuhle kodwa nawe Charloza

2014-08-27 12:59:24.0 | 1 replies


nibokhe niyeke incwasa kothi kanti abafazi benu balapha ku sowetan nabo, tholukuthi uncwasana naye ungazi kodwa

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hehehehehehe, that may be true hey!

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Isn't Helen Joseph a publick hospital? and if so why did Ngamla's friend have to sign a cheque to get him admited. Can anyone shed the light

2014-08-27 13:51:11.0 | 1 replies


'public hospital'

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