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Ngubane was expected to work immediately after hospital stay

By Kgothatso Madisa | 2014-08-26 20:00:00.0

Tears flowed as Menzi Ngubane delivered his version of the story regarding the poor working conditions that the Generations Actors Guild were protesting against.

The actor affectionately known as 'Ngamla' told a press conference at the Market Theatre that he was called to work just three days after he was released from hospital.

Ngubane finally spoke out after the producer of Generations Mfundi Vundla told the media that on one occasion he had to cover medical bills for an actor with a brain clot saying that Vundla was in fact referring to him and was not entirely honest about the matter.

“It was a Thursday when I got discharged from Helen Joseph and I got a call sheet on Friday (as weak as I was after spending seven weeks in hospital) to say that I was working on Monday. It did not mean anything. The important thing for them was for me to get back to work.

“I woke up on that Monday and went to work. I had to be given a chair to sit whenever we went on standby during the shooting because I was still recovering. In my condition, I still did six to ten scenes a day, explained teary-eyed Ngubane, whilst his colleagues who sat behind him on the podium also cried as they related to his pain.

He was diagnosed with kidney failure and has to undergo dialysis at least four times a day.

“Vundla knows the truth. My friend took me to a hospital. When we got there, we discovered that I am not on any medical aid and my friend signed a cheque to cover the costs."

He said that he spent a total of seven weeks at Helen Joseph and Vundla had never offered to have him transferred to a private hospital.

“I was diagnosed with kidney failure at Helen Joseph. Mfundi came to see me with Frederik Stark along with Costa. Mfundi never said they must transfer me from Helen Joseph to a private hospital."

Since being fired, the actors have decided to form an organisation called the ‘Generations Actors’ Guild’ or GAG which they still have to officialise.

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