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Former artists and Ambitiouz Entertainment embroiled in Twitter war

By Sowetan LIVE | 2017-02-20 14:43:35.0

Three of the most well-known artists from the Ambitiouz Entertainment stable have left.

Rappers Fifi Cooper, A-Reece and the duo B3nchMarq were allegedly unhappy with the treatment they received from the label.

After the announcement of their departure was made, publicist Gastor Serumula took to social media to expose conditions the artists had to deal with.

The tweets insinuate that there was corrupt and fraudulent dealings within the company. Serumula has since protected her tweets.

Following the allegations, Ambitiouz Entertainment replied with their own series of tweets labelling B3nchMarq a 'financial loss' and detailing the efforts made by the company to promote the duo. They stated that they will release a statement on A-Reece and Fifi Cooper at a later stage as the matter might go to court.








The other half of B3nchMarq Tkay stated in a tweet that they hadn’t signed a contract with the label.  

The company has since deleted all of Fifi Cooper and A-Reece’s music off YouTube.