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Ladysmith Black Mambazo not performing in Israel

By Sowetan LIVE | 2011-04-07 13:56:38.0 | COMMENTS [ 5 ]

The Congress of South African Trade Unions welcomes the announcement by Ladysmith Black Mambazo that they are not scheduled to play in Israel.

COSATU was concerned that the name of South African cultural workers would be manipulatively used in the propaganda campaign to normalise and legitimise the apartheid Israeli regime. The state of Israel is desperate to smokescreen itself as a free and democratic state. Nothing could be further from the truth. Israel uses artists, musicians and other cultural workers as part of a campaign to 'brand' Israel, a campaign launched by the government and promoted by institutions throughout the world in order to whitewash Israel’s violations of human rights and international law and to project a false image of normality.

Romeo Qetsimani, PR Manager of Ladysmith Black Mambazo says,  "It has been recently rumoured that Ladysmith Black Mambazo will be performing in Israel on 24 June 2011. As the PR Manager of LBM, I have called this press conference to clarify that LBM will not be performing in Israel. Furthermore, during the said period we are in the UK. We would like to categorically state that we have not been in communication with any Israeli organisers and we have no idea where these rumours come from.

"Ladysmith Black Mambazo distances itself from the misinformation being spread by Israeli advertisers that we will be performing in Tel Aviv. It seems that Israeli organisers have acted in bad faith, sold tickets and misused our name, in claiming that our singers will be performing at the Tel Aviv Opera House."


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Of all the people in the world, South Africans should understand what Apartheid was. You remember being excluded from government, from business, from the universities, even from hospitals and churches. You remember that blacks were not allowed at white beaches, restaurants, hotels and even toilets.

Israel does NOT have an apartheid system. An Arab was recently acting president. Arabs are members of parliament (10% of the parliament is Arab, in fact). Arabs are supreme court judges and Arabs are generals and colonels in the IDF. Arabs are heads of hospitals and university research labs. An Arab was recently a member of the cabinet. Arab Israelis use exactly the same hotels, beaches, restaurants and toilets that Jewish Israelis use. They attend the same universities and have the same government-provided medical coverage. They use the same hospitals.

The people who make the claim that Israel is an "Apartheid" regime either know nothing about what you experienced during the Apartheid years, or they know and are deliberately misleading you.

Thanks for your attention.

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If feel the same

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When people of culture are denied visitation on and expression of their art this is a grave sign. Visiting Israel is not something shameful or disrespectful. Visits create dialogue and mutual understanding.

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Zvi said exactly what i would have said.
it's really ironic that people from south africa, such as Alice Walker and COSATU, who lived in an apartheid state, accuse Israel, the only NON-APARTHEID state in the middle east, of being an apartheid state. they have never been to israel and are obviously ignorant of what kind of country Israel is. as Zvi stated, all citizens have equal rights here.
contrast this with the countries surrounding us. Christians in egypt are living in fear and do not have equal rights with muslims. Jews are not allowed to BE a citizen of Jordan (which is the Palestinian state) and Abu Mazen has stated that if he ever gets a second Palestinian state, no Jew will be allowed to be a citizen there either.
in fact, in any muslim country, no non-muslim can be considered equal to a muslim. THAT IS APARTHEID.
google 'Kasim Hafeez' and listen to his story on youtube. he was a jihadist antisemite who, when he actually WENT TO ISRAEL, realized that all he had been told and therefore,believed, about Jews and Israel, were LIES and is now an outspoken advocate FOR ISRAEL. what would he have to gain by lying?

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this is what Kenneth Meshoe, a South African Member of Parliment has to say about the claim that Israel is an apartheid state:

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