Evaluate everyone at BSA

13 January 2019 - 14:35
By Bongani Magasela
Boxing SA chairperson Peter Ngatane.
Image: Sibusiso Msibi Boxing SA chairperson Peter Ngatane.

Boxing South Africa is an appendage of the government's department of sport and recreation.

On that basis, performance appraisals at BSA should be compulsory and there should be consequences should one fail to meet the required standards.

Private sector employees go through this exercise every year and there are set standards, remedial action and consequence management during the whole process.

To a larger or greater extent, performance appraisals are a barometer in employee retrenchments, salary increases or promotions in the company structures.

The sports ministry, under Tokozile Xasa, is expected to also do performance appraisals on the individual members of the BSA board.

The results of such an exercise should be shared with boxing licensees.

Management staff at BSA, under the chairmanship of Peter Ngatane, must all go through this dashboard exercise. So why are board members exempted from this necessary exercise?

Also, provincial managers should come under scrutiny. After all, tournaments take place in their domains.

Both BSA's sanctioning and ratings committees must also be measured on the basis of overall performances.

The fundamental logic in the science of performance approval is that one is confronted with either the failure or success of his or her actions while executing their duties.

In this respect, ring officials whose actions leave much to be desired can be given proof of their poor performances.

Seriously, BSA will have a proper head-count of how many ring officials there are in each province.

Ideally, performance appraisals should be done after every tournament.

In this regard, these officials can still be subdivided into local, regional, provincial, national and international performers.

Lastly, such an exercise would bring back into the fold ex-boxers as ring officials.

It is my view that these boxers would outperform, outfox, outmanoeuvre and outgun some of the current officials doing duty during boxing tournaments.

This would also enable BSA to somehow put a cap on some of the niggling issues.

For example, what is the retirement age of ring officials?

In pursuit of their own objectives, international sanctioning bodies willy-nilly appoint their own officials for their fights.

They are deliberately upstaging BSA. The need for a performance appraisal plan will put an end to all the nonsense currently besetting the sport.