'I'm not bothered by being called gay‚' says AKA in response to shirtless snaps

03 September 2018 - 15:17
By Tshisalive
Image: Instagram AKA

Another weekend another crazy story for tweeps to be invested in - this time Twitter was left in a spiral of confusion as pictures of a shirtless AKA "touching" another shirtless man surfaced from one of the clubs he performed at.

The images apparently equated to AKA being gay. Sigh.

The rapper set the record straight.

The snaps‚ which quickly went viral after they were shared by a parody account called Mr. Naidoo - The Spice King‚ showed AKA in nothing but white underwear.

The account also happens to be the very same account that dragged Phil Mphela to filth in the Bonang versus Phil Mphela twar.

"Mr Naidoo" also came for AKA on Friday and threatened to leak some "incriminating" info about DJ Zinhle.

According to this Mr Naidoo guy‚ the AKA pictures plus his new blonde hair means he is "coming out of the closet." Double sigh.

The authenticity of the snaps has since been questioned not only by the megacy but by AKA himself. The rapper came out to dismiss the pictures saying people who are saying he stripped down to his underwear at a club were reaching.

AKA implied that there was foul play with the viral snaps. He said if they were real there would be more snaps of him in the same situation popping up because he's too famous for people to ignore that kind of scene.

He also mentioned that he ain't bothered by people calling him "gay".

However‚ he didn't deny that he had taken his shirt off when his fans asked‚ instead explaining that it wasn't a new thing.

"Because in Pretoria we drink Brandewyn and take our shirts off in the club and sing songs about die Blou Bul... that’s why‏‚" wrote AKA.

In other news‚ AKA also has an app now. He said an announcement video that that's where the megacy can find out all they wanna know about him. The app will apparently have exclusive content‚ but he'll still be active on Twitter.

That may be the place to get the real answers around the shirtless snaps.

Just saying...