Bonnie Mbuli slams Pearl Thusi's 'blackface' snap

Pearl Thusi
Image: Kabelo Mokoena

Bonnie Mbuli has strong opinions over Pearl Thusi's "blackface" photoshoot which caused a raging debate on Twitter.

In the wake of the debate Bonnie did not mince her words when she labelled the shoot "distasteful".

Pearl shared a string of pictures from a photoshoot in which she was painted a darker complexion.

The pictures angered darker complexion women but the actress didn't seem to care about the commentary.

The initial image of Pearl‚ which she has revealed was part photoshoot‚ was posted by the actress on international women's day.

The term black-face refers to a non-black person painting a black face on‚ however Twitter felt Pearl was blatantly disregarding the issue of colourism. Even though it immediately raised some red flags for many tweeps‚ Pearl responded to all the "hate" by posting more pictures.

Bonnie was just not having it and made her thoughts clearly known:

Other people also joined the chorus.

Despite the heat Pearl remained unapologetic and continued to share more pictures from the shoot.

She also continued with business as usual on her Twitter page.

Meanwhile people on Twitter are just chilling‚ looking at her like: