LISTEN: Robbie Malinga's final song was a 'farewell gift' to Naima Kay

Robbie Malinga and Naima Kay
Robbie Malinga and Naima Kay
Image: Instagram

Just weeks before his death‚ music veteran Robbie Malinga sat across from afro-jazz sensation Naima Kay and gave her a gift‚ a song that would be the last he would ever record.

Naima intended to debut the song at a live show on December 26 but decided against it when Robbie died on Christmas Day‚ only hours earlier.

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"When I heard about Robbie's death‚ I was broken. He was a father to me and took me under his wing. I did not cope well and cried a lot. We were supposed to perform together at the event and he was now gone. Even on stage‚ I was not coping and if I had performed our song together I wouldn't have been able to finish."

Robbie died surrounded by friends and family at his home in Johannesburg. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year.