It's over for Cece and Psyfo!

Celeb hot couple Hulisani and Psyfo have split, this love story which brewed from the days of YO.TV has come to an end.

Hot off instagram, TV personality Hulisani Ravele posted a picture with the caption “Yeah I am single”.

“My new relationship status, #nowyouknow #thatsall,” she wrote on the social network site.


Her fans sent out sympathy comments telling her it’s all going to be alright, some of her followers commented on her picture saying:  “if this is true ima stop believing in love or fairies”

Shwashwi is in tears, now that she has to minus one wedding plan from her busy diary.

One wonders what Sipho Ngewnya (Psyfo) did?

This was one wedding Shwa would have loved see happening, Fix it Psyfo…

Shwa blames, Psyfo’s new single “Umuntu Wami uQueen Maroka”, seriously just when Cece thought the song was dedicated to her, now she is out there venting on instagram about being single not fair!

A week ago Cece was a proud girlfriend, posting a picture of them as a happy couple in celebration of the hip hop artist’s birthday.

In her picture post she wrote a love story as a caption: “Happy Birthday umtu'wam! A brand new year for you with amazing new beginnings, look at God! You inspire me in so many ways, and it's nice to call you my muntu.

“Nje, thanks for putting me on a track, I've arrived, finally! Hokay ke right, I have nothing more to say to you on this platform, as'jaive kubemnandi.”

Fix it Psyfo!