DJ Naves makes it rain money

13 August 2019 - 08:29
DJ Naves giving away money at his Icon nightclub.
DJ Naves giving away money at his Icon nightclub.

DJ Naves almost caused a stampede when he threw R100 notes worth R10,000 in the air during his birthday bash at a Soweto club late last month.

The DJ, real name Lebogang Naves, turned 35 on July 27 and felt generous as he baptised patrons at his Icon nightclub with money.

Witnesses and staffers said there was chaos as those who were far from the action or in the upper level of the double-storey joint clamoured to grab the moolah.

DJ Naves confirmed the incident, saying sharing money with patrons was part of the event concept. "As you would know, events are mostly sponsored and a budget is allocated for that sponsorship. We then allocate a part of that sponsorship to give away in this manner in addition to bringing in other elements that bring events to life," he said.

He said he also gave away R10, 000 at Rich Durban Night Club in Durban and also showered patrons with R5,000 at OhBrigado Champagne Bar in East London.

"We have done this 'Blowing Money Fast' event concept for the last three years or so in and around SA," he said.

Club employee Jo Bodiba said the show was exciting as she said the giveaway brought life to the establishment.

"It's always fun to add a different element to the nightlife for consumers and giving them something to look forward to," she said.