WATCH: ‘I deserve gifts’ - Mboro clarifies why Bushiri gave him R1 million

14 November 2018 - 11:34
By Chrizelda Kekana And Nonhlanhla Msibi
Pastor Mboro gets out of his luxury car in Orlando East, Soweto.
Image: Sandile Ndlovu Pastor Mboro gets out of his luxury car in Orlando East, Soweto.

Whoever said ‘more money‚ more problems’ was probably on to something‚ because along with money always comes a lot of assumptions and questions and Pastor Mboro visited TshisaLIVE to clear the air on rumours associated with the R1m pressie he’s received from Prophet Bushiri.

Pastor Mboro and Bushiri made headlines when they revealed their friendship after having buried the hatchet following a long feud. Just a few months after they became besties‚ Bushiri decided to gift Mboro with R1m as part of #Mboro50 celebrations.

People have asked about Bushiri’s motives and Mboro felt it necessary to explain and dispute the rumours that Bushiri handed him the money in cold hard cash.

“He is the first big prophet to publicly to say thank you for the support and helping him. Pastor Bushiri never gave me cash but he transferred R1m and the money appeared after two days. I was disputing the issue of hard cash but I’m not disputing the issue of him transferring money into my FNB account. Bushiri does not do money laundering‚” he said.

Mboro said that after a few discussions with Bushiri about his community based initiatives to help the needy‚ Bushiri said they had also seen the good work Mboro and his church has done in terms of charity and they have sat down as a church and set aside a R1m contribution towards it.

“That R1m was meant for someone like me who has been giving so that I can carry on with the good work that I do. The greatest thing for me was when he gave his time to come and honour me. People can send money but they don’t come but he came with his entire family and leadership to honour me.”

Mboro also said this kind of a gift was a first of its kind for him and that the most he had received from other pastors was R20‚000‚ even though he had contributed millions to people.

“Bushiri is the first pastor to contribute such a huge amount of money and I’m grateful for that.”