Top radio DJ refuses to let me see our child

Postnatal depression can cause a mother to not want to breastfeed.
Postnatal depression can cause a mother to not want to breastfeed.
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The couple's lavish wedding was the talk of the town but now it has ended on a sour note.

The female DJ, who cannot be named to protect her minor child, is facing criminal charges laid by her husband and she had a protection order out against him.

In an interview with Sunday World on Wednesday, the husband confessed that problems in the marriage started after his wife gave birth to their son last year.

He said his wife struggled with postnatal depression after the birth of their son and it got worse after she left the hospital.

He said the DJ said she felt trapped having a child and this affected their marriage.

Baby M, who was diagnosed with a heart condition, could only be fed breast milk and he had to make sure that the child was fed because the depression made her not want to feed the baby.

"She never had a bond with our son," he said.

Furthermore, the husband found it strange that the DJ would never call to check on their baby while she was at work.

"I would drive to the SABC studios in Auckland Park, Joburg, just to get her to breastfeed the baby. I spent long hours outside venues where she was doing her all-day gigs to get her to breastfeed. I used to wake up at 5am to make sure she leaves enough milk for the baby, and at some point I started to feel like I was parenting two people," he said.

The hubby said the DJ once told him to feed the baby whatever he wants when he told her there was no milk to feed him.

The couple split in December and he claims the DJ now refuses to let him see their son.

"I contested the idea of the divorce because the baby was still very young and he deserved a family life."

He said it was odd that one would go from an eight-year relationship, getting married and having a child and then within a year be heading for divorce.

"I don't really want to get divorced. I am still in love with my wife, and still want to fight for my relationship and for my son," he said.

With regards to the interim orders in question, he said he was woken up in December by his wife and two police officers armed with guns at their matrimonial home in Johannesburg to serve him with an interim protection court order which cites that he abused her in front of their son and that she is in danger and fears for her life.

The court order further cited that he had anger management problems, was suffering from post-traumatic stress and is a drug addict.

The application, he said, was dismissed by the Johannesburg Magistrate's Court in February due to lack of evidence.

He said she attempted to get a second order which had 49 allegations against him, citing that he was a racist, mentally unstable and in possession of an unlicensed firearm. This was also dismissed in court in May.

"There is currently no order that prohibits me from seeing my son. After many attempts by my legal team to contact her, her lawyer has come up with terms for me to see my son under supervised contact.

"I have never abused my wife. I have never put my son's life in danger," said the father.

He said from February to date he has been offered about four to five supervised visits at the DJ's place of choice but not at his house.

"All I want is a 50/50 co-parenting arrangement with my son," he said.

The DJ would not comment.

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