Mourners gather at Bassline to celebrate Siyasanga Kobese's life

Mourners gathered at Bassline to celebrate Siyasanga Kobese's life.
Mourners gathered at Bassline to celebrate Siyasanga Kobese's life.
Image: Veli Nhlapo

The memorial service of Joyous Celebration singer Siyasanga Kobese was turned into a music celebration.

The mood was joyous at the Music Factory (formerly Bassline) where hundreds of mourners gathered to bid farewell to the singer and television presenter.

Kobese was one of five people, including television presenter Akhumzi Jezile, who died in a fatal car accident in the Eastern Cape a week ago.

Mourners were kept on their feet as current and old members of Joyous Celebration took to the stage to perform the group’s musical hits.

Speakers alluded that Kobese would have loved everyone to celebrate her life in cheerful way.

The memorial was hosted by Kobese's friend and television presenter .

Kobese's family which is based in Joburg attended the funeral. They were supported by the Jezile family.

Kobese's brother Anele Nogqala said the family is broken.

"Siya is the second child at home. She is the only girl... She was raised in a Christian family. She grew up in Sunday school. We knew from early on that Siya was headed for big things," Nogqala said.

He added that: "Siya made sure that whenever Joyous Celebration performs we are all there or otherwise we will be in trouble... We thank God for giving her to us."

Nogqala said he got a call from Kobese's father Norman on the day the singer died.

Kobese will be buried at her hometown in the Eastern Cape on Saturday.

Joyous Celebration co-founder Jabu Hlongwane described Kobese as a hard worker who impressed him from the first day when she came to audition in East London.

"Siyasanga is known for Joyous Celebration but she is a person who grew beyond Joyous Celebration.

Siyasanga auditioned and then performed with Joyous Celebration on the same weekend.

"It feels like Siyasanga never left Joyous. It feels like she stayed on longer than she actually did becuase of the kind of person she was."

Speakers described that Kobese and Jezile were inseparable as they attended every event together and travelled together.