Singing the blues: Brickz fights with manager

SPLITSVILLE: Brickz and his manager, Zos Mayisela split recently Picture: Mabuti Kali
SPLITSVILLE: Brickz and his manager, Zos Mayisela split recently Picture: Mabuti Kali

THE six-year relationship between kwaito star Brickz and his manager, Zos Mayisela, has hit a brick wall.

The two have been dancing apart since Mayisela allegedly swindled Brickz out of money and a woman.

They have been working together since the singer left DJ Cleo's stable in 2008 and joined Mayisela's Mpozisi Entertainment.

So ugly was their fight that Mayisela, who had been renting a crowd to drum up support for Brickz during his rape bail hearing at the Roodepoort Magistrate's Court, apparently vowed to not set foot in court during the muso's trial.

Brickz (real name Sipho Charles Ndlovu) confirmed that he and Mayisela have gone their separate ways because, he said, the latter was as crooked as a dog's hind leg.

But Mabrigado, as he is known in the music realm, dismissed as rubbish allegations that he squabbled with Mayiselsa over a woman.

Allegations abound that Mayisela was singing sweet nothings into the ears of Brickz's side dish while the singer was in custody after allegedly raping a 16-year-old relative.

"Those are just rumours that I'm not prepared to comment on. The truth is, we parted ways because this man was short-changing me on the deals he was organising for me.

"So we spoke about it and I told him that I can't continue to work with him.

"It has nothing to do with those rumours. I can't be seen fighting with people over women because I'm trying to sort things out with the mother of my kid," said Brickz.

He refused to comment on the amount involved.

"That is water under the bridge, my man, I don't want to dwell much on that," he said.

Mayisela dismissed Brickz's claims as nonsense.

He claimed that Brickz was a green-eyed monster who became jealous of the attention he was giving to the new maskandi artist he signed to Mpozisi Entertainment.

"I told him that after six years of working with him, I need to grow my company by signing more artists to the stable, but he was not comfortable with it and said if I do so he would quit because I would no longer focus on him alone.

"We are still friends and I don't understand why he would say the things he said to you," he said.

Mayisela also poured cold water on allegations that they had a tiff over a woman.

"I don't know where those rumours come from," he said.