Who wore it better?

20 January 2014 - 14:39

THE heatwave that attacked parts of Mzansi this week had the girls - and some boys - wearing as little as they could decently get away with in public.


Some celebrities took to Instagram for selfies in skimpy wear.

Among the bum shorts, minis and skater skirts, what caught Shwa's eye were pictures of scantily clad Rhythm City actress Samkelo Ndlovu - bum in the air, come-hither eyes and trout pout.

Oh! She was in a vintage-inspired, high-waist cutout bikini we had seen on none other than Your Gurl B, Bonang Matheba.

So, who wore it better?

Bonang v Samu


Bonang: From presenting a music show on welfare TV to being a media mogul in the making in just a few years, Bonang has done well for herself, with a good balance of hard work and controversy.

Samkelo: This young starlet is still a struggling actress and is well known for her familiarity with the gents. Just kidding!

We loved her as Sonia on Zone 14, but she's gone on to have a rather static career.



Bonang: We can fault Queen B on many things, including her annoying nature, but her fashion sense is not one of them. So, obviously, she wore the bikini first.

Samkelo: Samu, like many other upstart girl celebs, followed in Bonang's footsteps. She wore hers a few months later and made it look like something she had bagged at a low-cost clothing shop.


It's obvious, Bonang wore it better. The pool deck, the sunhat, the effortless curve of her sensuous body. Her shot could have been a still from a 1940s film.

Samkelo: There are several poses, including one where she is ass in the air, bending over a washing machine and wearing high heels. The bulges suggest she buys clothes a size too small.



Bonang: "Live. Love. Laugh" in fancy script.

Samkelo: Having a tattoo at the exact spot Bonang has one suggests that the little one is B's stan. Hers reads "Born at a young age".

Now, you see, it becomes a problem when people who are as shallow as a kiddies' pool try to be deep. Honey, it's embarrassing. Anyone can see through you.



Samkelo: Baby needs to calm down and put some clothes on. Parading the streets half-naked all the time will get you noticed for all the wrong reasons.

Also, Samu seems to have way too much time on her hands, with her obsession of posting provocative pictures. How about getting a hobby? Gym, maybe?

Let's face it, you can't compete with a girl who is the "body" of a lingerie line. There is a difference between confidence and being deluded. Hint, hint. Nudge, nudge.