Pastor Xola Nzo responds

"Pastor Xola Nzo would like to confirm that indeed he is going through a divorce. This matter was announced to the church in June 2011. For a period of six months, he stepped down the pulpit (sic) to allow the church time to assimilate and deal with the issue.

"He does not wish to conduct proceedings of the divorce through the media and will leave it to the lawyers and the courts to finalise the matter.

"On differences between himself and some who were part of the former leadership, Pastor Nzo would, again, want to put it on record that he does not wish to debate this through the media.

"There are biblical principles on how such differences are dealt with - through the mediation on (sic) third parties within the faith - and is trying all he can to follow these.

"In the meantime, he would like to appeal to the media to afford him and his estranged wife privacy as they conclude their divorce.

"In addition, Pastor Nzo notes the latest questions from Sunday World and it is his view that these border on defamation. Repeat by Sunday World of defamatory allegations by faceless sources...

"In this regard, Pastor Nzo reserves his rights."