Caroline Borole's take on Tina Turner is simply the best

Tina Turner lives inside Caroline Borole. She was chosen from thousands of hopefuls around the world to play the sultry rock star.

Born in Pimville, Soweto, Borole says that she has always been a performer.

The 33-year-old actress and singer who stars in the Showtime Australia productionTina: Simply The Bestsays that she knows nothing else outside of the performing arts.

"It was just a natural progression for me," she says.

Being part of this international tribute to Turner is huge for her, and she acknowledges it.

"Getting this opportunity to not only live my dream, but to live in Tina's shoes, is life changing.

"Not everyone can say they did this, so I'm the lucky one," she exclaims.

"I hope people can take away something special from what I do, and I believe that's what I have to offer with Tina Turner," she says.

Borole says when the opportunity came to audition for the part, she was ready as she has always loved Turner.

"I get to play a living icon and challenge myself to doing a good job of it.

"She is inspiring, she's a veteran and she is someone that can still tell me if I'm doing OK or not," she says.

The singer was only 10 when her father introduced her to The Soul of Ike & Tina Turner - a record she says sparked her interest in the jazz and blues genres.

She soon began idolising the iconic female musician.

Borole eventually managed to become a member of Showtime Australia.

She started off touring as a backup singer, singing on two of the company's largest productions: The Greatest Love of All: Whitney Houston Show andThe Michael Jackson HIStory Show.

When Showtime Australia decided to produce and launch the Tina Turner show, Borole knew it was her chance to steal the spotlight.

She says preparing for a show of this magnitude is not easy.

"You need to get everything down to a T. The voice, the high energy, the dance moves and the general attitude. It's been a fun process, but you have to put in the work. We have a good team though, so there is lots of support," she says.

"People should watch this show because it's a reminder of where we come from. The nostalgia from good lyrics.

"The fact that they can relate to all the songs and they are all very good songs. They should come out to rock and have a good time.

"People should come out because Tina Turner is simply the best," she says.

The show debuts at Theatre of Marcellus at Emperors Palace on August 31 until September 16.