COMMENT: Greed the root of evil

WE live in a society where the love of money reigns supreme. People are blinded by the clouds of greed to such an extent that they have become enemies unto themselves.

Every day we read about corruption practised by leaders we elected with love and trust. The sanctity of having a marriage based on love has been converted into opportunistic schemes, where people marry each other for their wealth and properties.

Young boys have resorted to drugs, washing away the tears of miserable lives caused by peer pressure. Young girls are selling their virginity to wealthy men willing to splash their cash on them, destroying their future in the process.

Unemployed mothers watch as their lovers rape their own daughters simply because they are the breadwinners in the household. The devil's agents are scattered in every corner, dressed in church uniforms selling prayers and holy water in the name of Jesus Christ.

With the love of money comes the betrayal of friendships and breaking of family bonds. Carelessly, we betray one another for cents to push us up, high enough to make our fall harder.

How long before we realise that as long as we make money out of evil deeds, we will forever be in debt in the account of humanity?

Are we so morally bankrupt to think that we are rich when our money was made out of unholy practices? At the end of the day, what we do today will catch up with us in the near future.

  • Malphia Honwane, By e-mail