Lights go off for ANC on Eskom

CAN anyone explain what the ANC leaders are smoking so that we can lobby for it to be banned?

The organisation's Secretary-General Gwede Mantashe said they were not in favour of privatising the country's power system despite problems with Eskom.

He told reporters at Luthuli House, in Johannesburg: "Electricity remains a public good and, therefore, if you totally privatise it, it will have problems."

What sort of problems could be more crippling to the country and the economy than the current rolling blackouts?

Eskom said the country's power supply was likely to remain "constrained for the foreseeable future".

Yet the ANC is opposed to privatising the power supply.

"Privatisation of electricity supply is not a panacea," Mantashe said.

It may not be a political "panacea", but it will provide an effective solution to power supply.

Like petroleum, milk, bread and paraffin, electricity could be regulated to ensure there is no underhand price-fixing between suppliers.

"What we are registering is that, as the ANC, we are concerned about what is happening in a number of SOCs [state-owned companies]," he said.

"Registering" without action means bugger-all for us citizens who have to live with fast-deteriorating infrastructure and resources.