COMMENT: Leaders are stealing from the poor

CORRUPTION is the biggest cancer that many countries are struggling to deal with and South Africa is one of the countries struggling with this scourge.

I was shocked when I heard on radio that the Sol Plaatjie Municipality has bought 62 iPads at a tune of R1.8-million, which means each cost about R29000.

The biggest shock is that there are claims that these laptops are all lost meaning that the R1.8-million has gone down the drain. This then makes me wonder if these iPads were bought at all or it was another money-making scheme by the municipality officials.

In a country where billions of rands are spent on wasteful expenditure, we cannot allow our public servants to continue like this.

Our leaders both in government and in the public sector as well as NGOs and other civic association must understand that corruption is tantamount to stealing from the poor.

  • Sizwe Mthembu, Malelane