Jozi's Calexico Bar serves up feast for body and soul

16 July 2019 - 15:52
By Somaya Stockenstroom
Calexico Bar & Grill caters for variety of customers.
Image: Instagram Calexico Bar & Grill caters for variety of customers.

A quaint little eatery called Calexico Bar & Grill provides so much more than just consumables - it provides soul food.

Situated at 44 Stanley in Auckland Park, Joburg, the one-year-old establishment is decorated with murals of some of SA's greatest musicians and classic vinyls.

Vinyls are not only on display, but also available to listen to. The establishment owned by Larry Hodes and Micheal Vacy Lyle is inspired by music and flavours of California and Mexico, and caters to a variety of customers by hosting events - from Nightride Thursdays for bikers, to vinyl Sundays.

But most exciting is its latest tribute evenings to musical icons where the artist tells his or her story, picks the menu and gives a live performance.

Created by FransKaroo and Kerry-Anne Allerston, these are held on the first Wednesday of the month. The tribute evenings are also filmed.

"Often we don't know the back story of where our favourite musicians came from and what it took to get them to where they are today. These unique sessions will shed light on their journey and they will perform their favourite songs as well as their hits," says Allerston.

The evening is themed "Between 2 Cacti" and the next session is on August 7.

"It's more about the person and their story than it is just about their music. It's in-depth. It's personal. Think of a fire place in a cabin by the lake while you're listening to one of your heroes sharing their highs and lows," says FransKaroo.

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