Gold Reef City chases winter chill away

There's nothing like a dare devil ride to warm you up these Winter holidays.

A group of journalist were invited to test the new waters at Gold Reef City Theme Park this week.

We were dared to try out not one, but 10 exhilarating rides.

One of these was their newly launched Storm Chaser.

It physically feels like you are caught up in the eye of a massive tornado.

Other rides included: The High Flying Maverick, UFO, Miners Revenge, Tornado, Mermaid, Jozi Express, Wave Swings, Golden Loop and Jump City.

Sounds like a lot, but there's a reward for the brave willing to take on all these rides, or complete only eight out of 10 - a whopping R120,000.

A warning though - these rides aren't for the fainthearted.

I managed eight before running to the bathroom puking.

The High Flying Maverick gets a full nine out of 10 rating on the fear scale.

It slowly climbs to its altitude before it suddenly turns upside down and you almost feel your body losing it's balance against gravity, complete with barrel rolls and unbelievable G-force.

If you want to face fears head-on, then try out the Golden Loop ride and the circular moving Miners Revenge.

The Miners Revenge had me soaked. The giant gondola aims to test if you can withstand the circular and reverse motion moving back and forth.

It's a very short ride but will have you screaming as the water pours down on you. Have a change of clothes handy.

Before I could even understand how the Golden Loop operates I suddenly felt my body fighting against gravity.

This ride accelerates from 0-8k/h in just three seconds and throws you a full 360 degrees in the railway loop.

If this is too much for you - there are kiddies rides available including the Balloon Wheel, Carousel, Elephant Ride and the famous mini coaster Shongolo.

If your stomach is not a ball of knots you can indulge in one of the restaurants. It's a fun winter's day out for the whole family.

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