Wedding Album | Manamelas' dream finally come true

Phuti and Moloko Manamela met years ago when they were on their way to church. They dated for two years before Phuti proposed.
Phuti and Moloko Manamela met years ago when they were on their way to church. They dated for two years before Phuti proposed.

Dreams do come true.

At least they did for Moloko Manamela who married the man she fantasised about most of her life.

She says it was way back in 1999 when she was visiting her sister's Lutheran Church in Seshego and met the tall, light skinned and slightly muscular man she had envisioned.

His name was Phuti.

"Both my sister and I go to the Lutheran Church. I attended the Bochum circuit and she attended the one at Seshego. Little did I know that on the day I decided to visit her circuit I would bump into my soulmate.

"I met him on the way and somehow already knew that I loved him," she says.

They had an intimate chat while heading to church, but their romance bloomed later.

She had to move to Joburg for work and stayed in Tembisa while working in Edenvale.

She recalls initially how their relationship was more of a telephonic one than a personal one.

But all changed when she returned to Seshego, Limpopo and finally made their relationship official in early 2000.

They continued their relationship for two years before Phuthi proposed to her traditionally.

"I visited him at Olifantsfontein (near Tembisa); he was working at Telkom and they received their training there. On the day, he told me that he wanted to send his uncles to my family. I knew he wanted to marry me.

"I felt so happy because I knew that I would be like other married women and enjoy the fruits of my marriage with the man that showed me eternal love from the beginning."

Now the mother of three, including a set of twins, says both families were supportive of their union and always motivated them to push for a white wedding.

"We just decided to sign [in 2004] because he had already paid lobola, but we could not afford a white wedding at the time," she says.

"Both our parents kept telling us that we needed to do a white wedding. A white wedding means receiving blessings from the church. We would have the community as witnesses and the priest to pray for our union."

Then last month, Manamela decided to make their dream (of a big white wedding) come true. Her wedding gown was the most heartwarming and the décor done by Sunrise Entertainment Villa Delmada, she says.

Phuti, who is a year older than his wife, says everything was fantastic despite being a late morning.

"I just need to say that I love my wife so much and I am glad that we managed to have our white wedding after so long.

"We had a beautiful wedding even though we did not keep time in the morning. She was the one who was late as usual. I waited for her from 6am in the morning at church and she only got there around 10am."