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Women takes matters into their own hands by enhancing their lady bits.
Women takes matters into their own hands by enhancing their lady bits.
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When it comes to matters of the bedroom, genital enhancement to spruce up couples' love lives is an option now on the table. Whether its beautification of the nether
regions through surgery, lightening treatments or genital piercings, its all about stimulating the G-spot.

When it comes to aesthetics, the world is divided on just what makes a woman's private parts pretty.

It's believed that Japanese men prefer winged butterfly Vjayjays while Westerners prefer small labias.

Some women were also taught that protruding labia - deliberately stretched by hand over time - keeps a man happy and leads to better orgasms.

But today women have the choice to have their flowers shaped just how they like it.

Doctor Natalia Novikova, a gynaecologist with an interest in aesthetic gynaecology and urogynaecology, says she has seen more women ask for vaginal tightening (or vaginoplasty or repair) and labiaplasty surgeries.

"Both are increasing in demand. Women are more empowered to seek help, talk about taboo topics and look for solutions," says Novikova.

She also offers G-spot amplification and explains that it's an injection of hyaluronic acid into the G-spot.

"It's used to enhance orgasm and helps with symptoms of stress urinary incontinence."

She also gets requests for clitoral hoods to be clipped or labias filled.

"From a woman's perspective, improving the appearance of labia majora (sorting out saggy skin in the area) with labial fillers makes women feel better about themselves,
improves their self-confidence and it does make sex more pleasurable. Femilift is laser used for vaginal tightening, treatment of vaginal atrophy and stress urinary incontinence," says Novikova.

More men are also turning to surgery to grow their penises two or three sizes bigger.

A Beverly Hills, US, urologist, Doctor James Elist, recently introduced implants for men called the Penuma, ranging from large to extra-extra-large, costing about R185,000.

Originally developed in China for medical micro penis in men, penis enlargement services are also offered at Rosebank Clinic, where you can either lengthen or increase the girth by injecting your own fat, harvested from the lower tummy area, into the erectile tissue of the penis.

This increases the shaft circumference by 25 to 40%.

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