Dance yourself fit

24 January 2019 - 11:46
By Somaya stockenstroom
Tabria Majors enjoys pole dancing.
Tabria Majors enjoys pole dancing.

Zumba instructor Lameez Patel says the dance may have originated overseas but the demand is still growing locally. Patel travels around Johannesburg offering classes to women mostly.

She says what is especially popular is outdoor pop-up roadshows as well as corporate visits for the busier woman as well as park sessions - which include the whole family.

Patel says the dance routines have evolved tremendously from the DVD that came out a decade ago.

She localises some of the dance moves to incorporate kwaito moves as well. "Dancing helped me loose 30kgs a few years ago. Dancing, whether it be flamenco, salsa, freestyle has many benefits.

Dancing improves your physique, builds and tones muscles, reduces the risk of osteoperosis and boosts your morale and social skills. It's a great way to make friends too," she says.

She explains the disciplines she specialises in now includes Zumba chair work-out which strengthens the lower body, toning with maraka like sticks. Strong by Zumba (it includes no dance moves - just body weight exercises) and Zumba for kids. There's also aqua zumba for water lovers.

Lesejane says an ex-trainer offered gqom dance classes which were quite the hype. "It's important to flip the script as muscles get used to a certain way of training.

"Switching things up get's you to exercise different muscle groups," he says.

Pole dancing has also gained momentum, with men taking up the sensual sport.