Comics and action figures pack punch

12 December 2018 - 15:57
By somaya stockenstroom
A Rock Candy She Hulk
A Rock Candy She Hulk

Esta Pretorius, E-Commerce manager for The Gadget Shop, says the average teenage girl loves to personalise her devices.

"Macbook skins come in a variety of shades. From polished walnut wood to faded pink, our skins are high quality, trendy and durable. We also offer popsockets, smartphone covers that are waterproof and impact resistant and the latest ShiftCam 2.0 iPhone lenses that truly take personal photography to a whole new level," she said.

She also notes that the gadgets are not necessarily male or female orientated.

"We see a lot of girls opting for blue hoverboards, for example," said Pretorius.

Mateo Lindi, 14, from Westdene in Joburg, already owns the Playstation 4 Pro and Virtual goggles.

He says his dad keeps up to date with the latest in technology and they share gadgets.

All he wants now is a Nintendo Switch or a new Lego set, "maybe like an aeroplane or car I can put together".

"I also love drawing, so anything to do with graphic art will be great," he added.

Comics, superheroes and board games

Johannesburg is home to two quaint stores specialising in lovers of superheroes, Cosmic Comics in Blackheath and Heroes Of Games And Comics in Melrose Arch.

Their merchandise is exclusive and ideal for collectors.

Brandon Banks has managed Cosmic Comics for the past 18 years.

He says their most requested item the last few months have been Funko pop figures that usually sell for R250.

The Darth Vader bobblehead is especially in demand, as is the Godfather character, Krato.

They also import the highly sought after collector items action figures by Japanese company Kotobukiya, which are priced from R1500.

Reece Pickett, manager of Heroes Of Games And Comics, says they just offloaded Fortnite apparel that is selling fast with T-shirts priced at R265.

Popular among the girls are the Rock Candy action figures that are also in the R250 price range. Their most wanted action figure is a DC Batman as there are only 5200 models in the world.

Must-haves don't come cheap

Pretorius says their most popular gadgets for teens are hoverboards and Hubsan drones. Hover boards start at R4699 while drones start in the region of R500.



  • Nintendo Switch sells from R6700.
  • PS Classic is R1800 and the PS4 still sells at R5 500.
  • The Xbox One X sells at R8000.