Heavy K's missus and singer Ntombi pays tribute to their 'warrior' son

09 October 2018 - 10:03
By Karishma Thakurdin
Ntombi Nguse.
Image: Instagram Ntombi Nguse.

Despite the challenges he faces on a daily basis as a cerebral palsy sufferer‚ Heavy K and Ntombi Nguse’s son Juju has been described as a “warrior“.

In commemoration of World Cerebral Palsy Day‚ Ntombi celebrated her son’s strength.

“We know it isn’t easy for you but you keep on fighting. You started fighting from the day you were born up until now and I will forever respect you for that. We know you are missing out on a lot of your childhood years because you can’t do everything that other kids do at your age but you always amaze us of how far you push yourself without us really teaching you how to do it. Talk about a spirit of a soldier. Yes that’s what you are to me‚ a soldier.”

During an interview with Drum magazine earlier this year Heavy K and Ntombi opened up about how Juju was diagnosed with the disease after he was rushed to a paediatrician when he was a year old. 

“He wasn’t walking or crawling. We thought he was just a lazy baby but the paediatrician saw something different. Juju can’t walk or crawl. We thought the reason was because he was slightly overweight but it was more than that‚” Ntombi told the magazine.

Heavy K said he wanted to give his son the best treatment available.

“I want to give my son the best treatment so he’s the best version of himself‚” he told the magazine.