Redi Tlhabi's mom to undergo brain surgery on Friday

Redi Tlhabi.
Redi Tlhabi.
Image: Sunday Times

Redi Tlhabi has shared that her mom is set to go into theatre on Friday to have a brain tumor removed.

The former 702 personality announced her resignation from the station last year amidst plans to relocate to the States after she was offered an economic journalism fellowship at Columbia University.

However‚ two weeks ago Redi revealed that the plans were on ice because her mom has a brain tumor.

During a Twitter discussion on Wednesday Redi told followers that her mom had been admitted to hospital ahead of surgery.

"She went into hospital today. She was a bit anxious but meditative and hopeful. So the pre-surgery rituals have started. The tumor will be removed on Friday morning. With thanks and gratitude‚" she said.

The conversation happened just hours after the SABC announced that Redi would be hosting a new current affairs show on SABC News Channel and SABC 3.

Redi said it was thanks to her naysayers that news bosses got wind that she was still in the country.