JR's next career move takes him from the net to TV

Musician JR.
Musician JR.
Image: Instagram

After taking the internet by storm with his Feel Good Sessions YouTube series‚ musician JR is gunning for TV glory as he puts the show on MTV Base.

The show’s TV debut took place last week and trended on social media. And because many music fans may not have MTV money‚ he has decided to put each episode on YouTube just a short while after it has aired.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE recently JR said he was overwhelmed by the response to the sessions‚ which have featured some of the biggest musicians in Mzansi.

“We’ve had almost every big name in SA music on the show and had an incredible online reach but we needed to expand it. We’ve also partnered with Martell Cognac and want to expand our footprint to other parts of the African continent and include other African artists in time. We shared the same vision for music and so it was a natural partnership.”

He said the decision to move to TV was motivated in part also by high data prices in Mzansi.

“We know the data crisis in South Africa means not everyone can watch the Feel Good Sessions but I think it’s a start in reaching more people. The average video can be around 45 minutes and that chows upto 700mb. We had to consider all of that.”

The Show Dem rapper even hinted at a playlist-like project where songs from the sessions will be able to be available to buy or stream on certain platforms‚ but said he could not spill too much until deals are signed.

He said that after mentoring and putting artists on as a music mogul for years‚ it was a “no brainer” to then move to broadcasting.

It’s a bold step for the musician and businessman but he said that becoming a dad recently had filled him with a new-found energy and determination to cement his legacy in the industry.