Lebo Sekgobela won't let 'fame' mess with her because she knows poverty

Lebo Sekgobela
Image: Veli Nhlapo

Even though Lebo Sekgobela is now one of the most recognised faces in Mzansi nothing fame has to offer would ever make her forget her humble beginnings to "act brand new".

The songstress, whose music has gone global and has touched the loves of many with its healing message told TshisaLIVE that when she remembers how far the Lord has brought her, she would never be able to think "too highly" of herself.

"I came from a very poor background, fame won't change me. I have lived in a shack, I have lived in a mud house. I know how to eat pap and cabbage everyday and even that's a luxury because on normal days I would have pap and fish oil that has salt for taste. How can I now after all that be changed by the fact that I could eat meat everyday if I wanted? It is a privilege but not something that is enough to make me treat people like less than they are."

Sekgobela, who has previously shared how hard her life has been added that she never wants to "act like a celebrity drunk on fame."

The singer said even after big performances and concerts she made it a point to take as many pictures or just mingle with the people that support her. She said for her, while the numbers may be great now that she's famous, the people who support her deserve her respect and love.

"What keeps me going back is the ubuntu I have experienced in my life. When I didn't have much it was the spirit of ubuntu in other people that helped me. That is why I am a people's person and I will never move away from that way of doing life."

Now 37 years old Sekgobela said her life had been very eventful and that while she doesn't think she's made it, she will be singing her heart out to God while she waits for more blessings.