Brighten up life with bold splash of colour in your hair

Moonchild and her hair in a shade of blue.
Moonchild and her hair in a shade of blue.

Frika stylist Jimmy Shibambu, who specialises exclusively in black hair, gives us the lowdown on how to rock your 'fro this summer.

With bright shades from purple to pink and blue rocking the runways and Instagram - black girls also want to have a go at colour. And, Shibambu says it can work if done properly.

He advises that it should be applied as an ombre weave, wig or as highlights in braids.

If you are planning to colour your natural hair, first try a wig in the same colour that you want, to ensure that the colour works perfectly with your complexion.

But, the advice is that first prize would be to opt for the coloured weave instead of putting hair through the trauma of bleaching.

Colours trending include violet, light browns, blush pink and shades of blues.

If you do colour your own hair, it's important to stick to your hair-care routine as the hair is very fragile. Use moisture seal-in products as well as shampoos that won't strip out the colour or cause it to fade quickly. If you have coily hair that's not chemically treated, it will take on more colour than treated hair. Afros work really well in colours of ruby red, chestnut blonde, light brown and auburn.

Natural hair needs oils and regular trims and treatments

Frika says for the daring girls who opt to shave their heads this spring - consider the shape of your bone structure.

Unless you are Amber Rose, not all people can pull the completely bald or super short look. Caring for the scalp is important too as winter may have dried it out. Shampoo and condition daily and opt for bright blondes on this style.

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