#SofaSlahlane: Sjoe! Is it possible to love a snake more than your friends?

Moja Love reality show Sofa Silahlane has BEEN bringing the sauce when it comes to featuring the tales of unusual love around Mzansi and the show this week featured sangoma Sipho 'Devil" Khumalo who trusts his pet snakes more than humans.

Dude has at least 13 snakes‚ including six pythons.

Most of the people in his community are either angry with him or scared of his snakes‚ but malume doesn't mind because he loves animals and says they won't betray him.

Meanwhile‚ the social media streets were feeling all kinds of ways about the zoo and suggested that maybe malume's neighbours should sleep with one eye open.

Some social media users were scared as if the snake was in their house.