Moneoa finally reveals the REAL reason behind her music hiatus

Image: Instagram

After an unplanned two-year break from spotlight‚ Moneoa is back with a renewed sense of happiness.

In an interview with TshisaLIVE Moneoa explained that she was heading towards a version of herself that she despised and she had to to take the break.

"I got a lot of fame at the very beginning of my career. I needed time off because fame has a way of just consuming you. I didn't like the person I was turning into. I had a lot of confusing experiences and I started constantly battling with myself. So I decided to just give myself some time away."

Moneoa never believed she would make a career out of her voice‚ partially because that was not what her family wanted for her and because she didn't initially rate herself as a good singer.

All of a Sunday... (yes Sunday) she was drowning in a pool of people telling her how amazing she was and how rich she was going to be. It was a LOT for her.

The Is'bhanxa hitmaker said she took a back seat because as the praise around her and her talent accumulated‚ she felt she was losing who she was in the process.

"I needed to learn how to be myself‚ completely me‚ in this (entertainment) world. How to protect myself mentally‚ emotionally‚ spiritually and financially.

"I struggled because I felt I was being treated like more than I was. I just felt like a lot of the relationships I had with people were based on who I was in the industry as opposed to who I am as a person. I've live a very humble life‚ in fact I grew up struggling and I've always been accustomed to this very humble and normal lifestyle. Then I was thrown into this world where there's all this praise coming my way plus pressure and expectations."

Moneoa shared that she's a better woman after the break and an even greater artist.

The singer‚ who recently released her album Ziphi Inkomo‚ is glowing from all the love she's received. Her recent single‚ Ngowam Loh‚ has also received a lot of hype on social media.

Moneoa said she's better at receiving the love now and that the most important thing she gained from taking a step back was intimacy with God.