How Sofa Slahlane’s ululating auntie won over Twitter

Sofa Slahlane has been taking us to church with their sermons about unconventional love and they had the Twitter choir singing the show's praises again on Thursday when they featured a gay couple who were dishing #RelationshipGoals.

Wiseman and his partner Jacqui have been together for over 20 years and were one of the first same-sex couples to tie the knot in Mzansi. They dished out gems of advice on love and respect.

As always‚ the internet was buzzing more than Bree taxi rank on a Friday as viewers posted their reactions to the couple's story of overcoming stereotypes and challenges in their pursuit of love.

But it was an auntie from the area who quickly stole Twitter's heart when she told the show's host Mzilikazi wa Afrika that she was "ulating the loudest at the couple's union"‚ even though she looked like she had no teeth.