WATCH | The best #InMyFeelings dance challenge videos we've seen so far!

Image: Getty Images

That Drake tune has turned everyone into dancers...some are brilliant and some are just hilarious.

The songโ€š In My Feelingsโ€š has a very catchy vibe to it and fans have turned it into the #InMyFeelingsChallenge that has caused a craze on social media.

In the song Drake sampled the song Smoking Gun by the late New Orleans bounce artist Magnolia Shorty. It's groovy fam... a vibe!

Check out some of the best submission's so far.

Ciara and her hubby killed it!

This is where it all began... well kinda.

Will Smith was just flexing really.

This wasn't even the dance moves for this song but it still worked. Wow Chris wow!

Uhm... with DJ Khaledโ€š we are only here for the laughs.