IN MEMES: Twitter feels #LTDWS could've given them more this season

Image: Moeletsi Mabe

The season finale of Somizi Mhlongo's reality show Living the Dream with Somizi left Twitter split yet again. Fans still can't decide if this season has left them satisfied or underwhelmed.

The show‚ which was highly popular in its first season‚ seemed to be "lacking something" for many this season. As it wrapped up‚ fans shared what they thought of the show‚ with many saying it gave them some great moments and others saying in under-performed.

They also noted that the wedding will only be in the next season and they weren't too happy about that. Cause‚ you know‚ patience is something we don't have.

Of course‚ they had the memes ready.

Although fans did love the guests on the show. This week Zuki was that person‚ Twitter just loves itself some Zuki!

Do you think Somgaga knocked it out of the park or can he do better?