Zakwe wants to shed the kilos: Here's how much he's aiming to lose

Image: Tladi Kotelo

Zakwe is always challenging musicians on the charts‚ but now he is challenging himself to drop a heck load of kilos in time for summer.

The star has always embraced his body and its never been a problem for his fans. But speaking to DJ Fresh on Metro FM this week‚ he announced that he is on an aggressive plan to lose weight.

He revealed that since starting his diet several months ago‚ he has lost 19 kgs and still has 24 more to drop.

"I am on diet. My goal is to get at least 100kgs. When I started I was at 143‚ now I am at 124 kgs."

He said the secret was to eat "clean" (no bread‚ no pap) and drink loads of amanzi. And his missus is making sure he is on track.

"I believe that although I have my own dreams‚ she must support me‚ and I should support her dreams too. She is a very independent person. What is a king without a queen?"

Besides watching what he eats‚ he has also been exercising like a beast. Check out this video of him doing the most.

And while many of us struggle to even stretch when we get up on a winter morning‚ Zakwe told Daily Sun that gym is one of his many hobbies.

“I enjoy doing research‚ reading or writing lyrics. If I’m not doing that I enjoy going to gym. If you haven’t noticed‚ I’m losing the fat and getting fit‚” he added.