Yobe leaves Twitter broken as viewers watch nyaope effect on families

27 June 2018 - 14:34
By Chrizelda Kekana
Image: Twitter

There's nothing as haunting as the pain in a mother's eyes... and ugogo on Yobe left many saddened by the tragedy that befell her family due to nyaope.

On Tuesday night Mzansi was introduced to Siyabonga‚ a convict who had stolen things to feed his nyaope addiction‚ hurting his family in the process.

They listened to Siyabonga's Gogo as she detailed the trauma that Siyabonga has put his family through. He would steal anything and everything from the house. He stole pots‚ cell phones and even sold mince meat that was supposed to be for supper to feed his addictions.

Watching the pain in the ugogo's eyes as she spoke tugged at the heartstrings of many tweeps and they were just hurt by the fact that not much has been done by the powers that be to help change the situation in the townships.