#LTDWS IN MEMES | 'Bobo is a total fave! An entire mood' - Twitter

Image: Moeletsi Mabe.

Everyone who has heard of or seen Bobo's videos is probably a fan of the young man and when Somizi said he was going to have him on his reality showβ€š Twitter was ecstatic!

The popular reality show is a firm fave on Thursday nights but last night was really all about Bobo.

If you know himβ€š then you understand why.

Because Somizi revealed last week that Bobo would be on the showβ€š two seconds into it and we were all there like...

Bobo is a ray of sunshine whose video clips on the internet have won him a lot of fans including Somizi.

Here's one video that went viral.

All tweeps could say was how cool Bobo was and he was a highlight for many.

In other newsβ€š Somizi also revealed that he bought a house in Zimbali and immediately had tweeps wondering why their ancestors don't like them like that.

However he also inspired many to work hard.

The memes were hilarious.

Maybe we all should really give our ancestors champagne. It seems to be working out great for Somizi.

Well done on the new property!