#LTDWSomizi fans think Thami Dish is the show's saving grace...

Image: Instagram

Living The Dream With Somizi has been a bit repetitive for some fans and they've been worried that this season isn't as nice‚ but it seems Thami Dish is slowly changing their minds!

The more fans see Thami on screens the more they love him and think that he deserves his very own show but it has taken some time for them to get to this point‚ as they initially wanted TT Mbha to return.

There was an overwhelming agreement among fans that Thami was TT's replacement and they weren't particularly happy about it.

However‚ last night's episode had them "appreciating" Thami and his personality.

His friendship with SomG seemed to be the main source of humour on the show and it helped fans get over the awkwardness when Somizi was "flirting" with Orlando in front of Mohale.

Tweeps expressed their love for Thami through hilarious memes.

Meanwhile... Mohale's "coldness" is still a thorn in many fans' feet.

Somizi did a solid (well almost) for his fans that have been complaining about TT's lack of appearances on this season of his reality show.

He posted a brief video in which TT makes a cameo appearance.

There he is guys...