Hulisani tells listener to sit down over Psyfo question

Image: Instagram

Hulisani was in the Metro FM studios on Wednesday to chat about her career‚ but quickly had to face the elephant in the room when a listener said that all they wanted was to know what happened in her relationship.

Hulisani was quick with the draw‚ hitting the listener with a 1‚ 2 like out of a Chuck Norris movie.

Strike one:

"It is nobody's business but the people in it."

Strike two:

"It's between A&B‚ so C yourself out"

Hulisani said that she didn't want to let the media into her personal space‚ so that she could guard what is most important to her.

"You can allow people into your relationship only as much as you want‚" she said‚ before explaining how she had turned down requests for interviews in her home.

Touching on the break-up‚ Hulisani recently told Destiny that "things happen and I guess we just grew apart."

She also revealed that some members of her family were devastated by the split.

“I’m very close to both sides of my family. I’m one of 39 first-generation grandchildren – and that’s just on my mom’s side! Even so‚ I didn’t speak to some family members for several months because they couldn’t accept our decision to end our relationship. I heard 'just give him a chance’ more times than I could bear.”