WATCH | Even Snoop Dogg is cracking up at Bantu Holomisa’s TV moemish

Snoop Dogg
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A week later and the world still can't get over UDM leader Bantu Holomisa's autocue disaster on eNCA‚ with American rapper Snoop Dogg joining in on the laughs.

If you've been living on Mars for the last week‚ here's the summary.

The politician was given the mic as a guest presenter on the channel and after a stumbling but steady start got tripped up by the teleprompter while trying to recount the proverb about teaching a man to fish.

Frustrated at getting it so horribly wrong‚ he started shaking his head and moaning at the teleprompter "No‚ no‚ no!"

A clip of the incident spread faster than fake news on Facebook and eventually made its way onto Snoop Dogg's page.

He shared the clip as a meme with those funny captions on it. This one read: "When the class is taking turns reading. Then you get to the kid that can't..."

Back to school night Comin soon

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In the background you can hear a guy occasionally crack himself up as he watches the moemish unfold.

Eish! And as if that wasn't bad enough‚ the gag has also resurfaced in a picture of a Hullets sugar bag with the blunder supposedly immortalised forever on their inspirational quote packaging.

The politician laughed it all off and said he was coming to get his royalty coins.