Viewers of #LTDWS find Mohale a lil 'odd' in Somizi's reality show

18 May 2018 - 10:38
By Chrizelda Kekana
Somizi Mhlongo and  Mohale Motaung.
Image: Instagram Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung.

A new season of Somizi's reality show‚ Living The Dream With Somizi‚ means that fans get a front row seat into Somizi's life. And that included getting to know his fiancé‚ Mohale Motaung. But‚ so far‚ Mohale has been a closed book.

On pictures‚ the pair seem perfect. And if you look on their social media accounts‚ they're clearly smitten.

But viewers of the show have increasingly noticed an "oddness" and even some "awkwardness" in Somizi's bae.

While it may just be that he's not used to the invasion of privacy the constant cameras bring or maybe that he's the shy type‚ Somizi's fans are finding it hard to "warm-up" to him.

It's been over three weeks since the show began and fans have shared what they think about Mohale.

Apparently he doesn't look comfortable.

They don't trust Mohale... "Something about him is off‚" one of them said. The memes came flooding in.

Despite not "fully" understanding Mohale's personality‚ other fans of the show still love Mohale and SomGaga's love.

They stan forever and have asked others to leave Mohale alone.

Eish. Maybe the guys just doesn't like the cameras‚ fam.