Uzalo’s Nocxy got funny looks when she rode an Uber‚ so she got herself a BMW

Image: Instagram

Uzalo actress Nokuthula "Nocxy" Mabika rode Ubers for several months‚ sometimes being judged by fans who thought because she is a star she should at least have a ride.

The star‚ who plays Thobile on the popular drama series told TshisaLIVE that she had a driver for work but would have to take an Uber to go everywhere else.

"It was a mess‚ a struggle everyday. People would judge me‚ they would say 'she is on TV how can she not have a car? 'I didn't care because they don't know me and what my life is like. They don't know my struggles at home."

Nocxy also had another problem perhaps even more pressing; pesky Uber drivers who were as thirsty as a wanderer in the desert and more desperate to take their shot than Amla on the cricket pitch.

"The worst part was Uber drivers had my number from when I called for the Uber and they would message me. My blocked list is over 200 and growing‚" she said with a laugh.

Eventually sis was able to get her first car‚ but it wasn't the Picanto life she was living. Nocxy bought herself a BMW M Series!

"I always said I wanted to own a BMW so why not as my first car? It's a message to myself to keep working hard and achieve as much as possible. It inspires me. People can say what they want about me getting such a fancy first car. I don't care."