How to 'cure' homosexuality according to The Queen's Brutus

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uBab'umcane uBrutus is our favourite TV uncle at the moment for many reasons. The Queen's almost always drunk character is played by Themba Ndaba and just gives us life episode after episode.

However‚ he also happens to be one of the most chauvinistic and homophobic men on TV and when viewers realised that his on-screen son is gay‚ they knew it spelt trouble.

Since his son‚ Bheki‚ showed up and it was revealed that he's homosexual the anticipation for Brutus' reaction has been getting more and more intense.

This has been all of us since we found out Bheki's gay: 

Needless to say Brutus is not happy about this revelation... like not at all!

Take a moment to see the anger on his face. 

However‚ never one to go down without a fight the homophobe in Brutus thinks he can "fix" his son.

So what is his strategy?

Is it Nyan Nyan? No.

Is it Men's Clinic? No.

Is it arranged marriage? No.

Brutus won't have a son that is gay‚ so he went to the higher powers to get it fixed...

So Brutus consulted the ancestors. 

But fam‚ even the goat ran away... it seems everyone but Brutus got the signal from mama. LOL! 

We totes know it won't make Bheki any less of a gay man‚ but Brutus is holding on for dear life that he can "fix" his son.

It's going to be interesting to see how he reacts when it finally hits him that he can't change Bheki.

What a difficult time it's going to be for ol' Brutus! But we are so here for it. In fact‚ we hope all the homophobes are watching... 

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