Dear white friends: Pearl Thusi delivers her state of the nation

Image: Steve Tanchel

We have a new president. We can't eat polony. We lost the mother of our nation and a woman got jailed for racism. Yoh! But 2018 Mzansi is a hell of a place and Pearl Thusi wants to put us right.

After watching a TV insert about Vicki Momberg‚ Pearl went on to social media to address her kingdom and deliver a state of the nation address.

Gather around peeps‚ sizokutshela ukuthi kwenzakaleni.

Speaking to her white friends‚ Pearl laid down a few rules in her address and had her followers listening to her every word.


1. Don't EVER use the K-word.

"To all my caucasian friends. I love you so dearly. Please don't do that (call someone the K-Word). I love you so much and I never want to have to defend that mess. Don't call anyone the K-word. No black person uses the K-word. We don't care how angry anyone is‚ there is no excuse for using that word. Please don't let your friends use it either."

2. Stay woke about your privilege

"Also I hope that my caucasian friends‚ you are not only aware of the privilege you have but that you make sure that it does not take away from other people."

3. Understand what racism really is "Also being racists does not mean hating black people‚ not at this stage of the game. Now this is reside. Now we have to fix the issue. It is also about saying that systematically black people can't get the same opportunity or privilege that I am getting. You are not aware of your privilege because they are just that‚ your privilege‚ so we have to just watch.

"Try be aware‚ try have the conversations and understand that Apartheid is not truly dead as long as South Africa is still the same way it is."

4. Don't ever say 'I am not racist' and bring slips "Don't ever say 'I am not racist‚ I have black friends. Don't say 'I am not racist'. If you are not racist‚ it goes without saying. No one will think you are racist. Don't justify why you believe you are not a racist‚ it is not necessary."

5. "Don't try do black things‚ forced."

6. "Try learn a second language that isn't language"

7. Don't blame Apartheid "I am glad that you and your parents worked very hard to get where you are. However‚ you are not the only person working very hard to get where you are. Some people work harder‚ if not as hard as you‚ to get to where you are or beyond but the colour of their skin blocks them. So‚ we are not equal.

"While things are the way they are‚ you can do better and you can accept the truth so that you can make a difference."

Also Pearl: Thank you‚ South Africa and good night.