Celebs pair up and do it all for love... and money

Clint and Steffi pump iron for pleasure and profit.
Clint and Steffi pump iron for pleasure and profit.

Many couples prove that their love and support for each other extends to making money too.

Look at Jay Z and Beyonce or Shona and Connie Ferguson.

Being apart, they made it. But, being and building together brought in so much more moola.

Who doesn't want to live like the Jones's?

We have couples around the world who became such household charmers that, when they decide to divorce, we take it personally too.

Sylvester Chauke, founder and chief architect of DNA Brand Architects, says celeb couples have been an area of interest since the dawn of traditional media platforms like radio, television and print - especially magazines.

"Social media, however, has made the amplification of the content that much easier with incredible reach and engagement. There is a thriving market out there for this content.

"Also, it seems like feeding the hunger and obsession consumers have with celeb couples is getting even more popular," he says.

Take AKA and Bonang Matheba.

"They were both hot property when they got together - in their respective fields. Every young person was keen to see where the couple went on holiday, what expensive brands they were gifting each other, which alcoholic brand was sponsoring them, etc," says a publicist who once worked closely with both parties.

"When AKA announces a break-up, releases a single professing his undying love for Bonang - it sells like hot cakes.

"After their very public break-up in December, both have been rather quiet - which has been damaging to their brands.

"AKA is really nothing without Bonang - she, though, has the power to bounce back."

He says the same goes for Cassper and Boity.

"They are worlds apart, but being with him meant raising her profile as she was struggling to maintain her presence in the TV world. But the union didn't quite work out.

"But Cassper is still killing it singing break-up songs about the two of them."

Clint Brink, and his wife, former Miss Namibia Steffi van Wyk (Brink), says luckily for them their natural expression of love has led to favourable rewards.

But he says it's hardly about money. Their love for fitness and documenting it on social media platforms has inspired many couples locally to hit the gym.

The actor-cum-singer says being approached by various companies and individuals had helped them to acquire a healthy lifestyle too.

"It's not about profit," says Clint. "Our goal is to inspire people and build personal relationships with them.

"People are not going to remember you for the Bentley you drove, but rather for how you made them feel."

He says when the couple met, just over two years ago, she was already a professional athlete.

"I knew her only three months when I popped the question.

"Together we brought out the best in each other.

"Us hitting the gym together was to spend as much time as we can together."

They have entered body-building competitions together and are discussing creating music videos and TV shows.

"If you do things to gain fame or money, you won't survive.

"If you hide your partner from the world, it's awkward.

"For me and Steff ... we love each other and are proud to show that off.

"We don't want to be a couple for show.

"But by showing off our love we were told that we inspire other couples," Clint says.

Bokang and Siphiwe Tshabalala
Bokang and Siphiwe Tshabalala

Bokang and Siphiwe Tshabalala

Former Miss SA Bokang Montjane and soccer star husband Siphiwe Tshabalala, pictured, recently launched a kiddies clothing range as well as a doll modelled after Bokang.

Montjane reckons that when she and Tshabalala got together, after meeting at a radio station eight years ago, they decided to give each other a fair chance, both being public figures.

"People would want to interfere and have opinions. But, we understand each other's work as opposed to someone who is not in that industry."

Their kiddies' clothing range idea was born after they became parents.

"It really mattered to us what our children wear," she says.

They agreed that all of Africa's children need clothes that reflect superheroes who look like them. They emblazoned their faces on the kiddies apparel.

"We really wanted to inspire. We wanted a black child to know that they can, they are able, they are capable and they too can be what represents beauty, a success, being a hero. It matters what's always in their faces."

She says that Tshabalala, always supports her entrepreneurial dreams, like her dream of creating the Princess Bokang doll.

And, in his honour, she wants to release a male doll, a "Super Shabba action figure" as she calls it.

"It helps that we are both public figures, especially with regards to what we are trying to achieve. It does have its advantages as well because there will be deals he gets and I would somehow at a later stage be chosen to be part of it or vice versa.

"Siphiwe and I make an extremely fantastic team and my strengths are his weaknesses and his strengths are my weaknesses. He's very creative and I'm more of an executor. We really work well together and with respect as partners."

Enhle and Black Coffee.
Enhle and Black Coffee.

Enhle and Black Coffee are our Bey and Jay-Z

Enhle and Nkosinathi "Black Coffee" Maphumolo, pictured, are like the Beyonce and Jay-Z of SA.

Nandi andZakhele "Zakes Bantwini" Madida come close. They are more like the Kim K and Kanye West of Mzansi - except that Zakes is hardly as badly behaved and Nandi doesn't indulge in nude selfies.

Enhle is an actress who wants to be known in her own right, while Black Coffee is a DJ who conquered the world through his DJ skills while rubbing shoulders with high-profile internationals.

Enhle became even more popular when people learnt who her baby daddy was.

The recently married couple's Instagram shows us they are loving partners, best friends and dedicated parents - the perfect pair.

The two now have a home in New York, with their eldest son attending school there. Enhle has also branched out and become a sought-after maternity designer with her SE Preggoz range.

And, although she has been quoted as saying she is successful in her own right, it's doubtful if she would be on this level without the Maphumolo last name.

Meanwhile, Nandi and Zakes have also become an inspiring couple in their own right. Before Zakes, Nandi's voice was absent. But, since hooking up they have featured together on music projects and many other campaigns.

Zakes's business savvy has also seemed to inspire the songstress to greater heights. She showcased her ready-to-wear fashion line Colour at the New York Fashion Week this year and will be showcasing the collection worldwide.

The two, who had a secret marriage, now praise each other with love quotes and tributes on social media and through music.

They are always immaculately dressed, which has led to Nandi becoming the only African woman to make it onto Elle US and E! News's best-dressed lists.

Solo and Dineo Moeketsi .
Solo and Dineo Moeketsi .

Brand experts on celebrity couples

Farah Fortune, founder of African Star Communications, says it's not always good to mix business with pleasure.

"I don't tend to encourage public relationships unless they are serious. It can be quite messy fixing up the public image of a break-up," she says.

But, she also doesn't have the power to dictate who dates who. Her client, rapper Solo, is dating Dineo Moeketsi - and they are what social media followers classify as #couple goals.

"As with any individual, social media couples are able to let the world see what they want them to see. Fans are able to buy into the image of the celebs' love. It's instant communication and fans will follow their social media rather than wait for the latest blog.

"Sometimes commercial value as a couple can be gained, but it depends on the celebs and their fan base. There is money to be made but only some couples take advantage of this. Like Ice & Coco, Dineo Moeketsi and Solo, Connie and Shona Ferguson, Kim and Kanye.

"But I would never advise any couple to have joint social media accounts, not even married couples, whether famous or not. I think it could weaken their brands if they split up.

"It's like a divorce, just instead of 'who gets the kids' it's 'who gets the followers'."

DNA Brand Architects founder Sylvester Chauke says couples work best when they centre and complement each other. "The very best one for me is most definitely Letta Mbulu and Caiphus Semenya - that is a masterclass in celebrity coupling."

Consultant to the stars Jarred Doyle says Minnie Dlamini would not have made millions broadcasting her wedding on TV if she were a nobody and that "Bonang and AKA hosted parties at Taboo together and it worked".

"As much as you show off your love and make millions together, do the same when the love goes south. My motto is, when you mess up fess up; clean up your image. We did this with Minnie Dlamini's career after her break-up with Itumeleng Khune."

Couples who stood the test of time and also made a success

  1. Legendary musicians Caiphus Semenya and Letta Mbulu. The legendary couple have been dancing and singing together for 52 years.
  2.  Zam and Nkhensani Nkosi. The two started in the 1990s on TV and went on to build the empire that is Stoned Cherrie.
  3. Nhlanhla and Thembinkosi Nciza.The Mafikizolo star and fashion designer has been married to the TK Records co-owner for 13 years.

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