Jo-Ann Strauss to welcome baby number 3

Jo-Ann Strauss
Image: Instagram

TV presenter Jo-Ann Strauss has confirmed that she is pregnant.

She made the announcement on social media and said that she has been keeping a low profile because of "debilitating" morning sickness.

"Been down with debilitating morning sickness 24 hours a day. Hopefully it'll get better soon‚ but grateful for the blessing of having another little angel."

Jo-Ann‚ who is a successful business woman‚ has also become known for her mommy advice on her blog‚ Modern Mommy. Although she does not share pictures of her children on social media‚ she does open up about the difficulties she faces being a working mom.

She is mom to a boy and a girl and has said seeing life through their eyes is a blessing.

"The most incredible blessing is to see life through their eyes. Free of fear‚ judgement‚ prejudices. Become a child again yourself as often as you can."

Here is her announcement: