Tips for nailing that business pitch

27 August 2019 - 16:06
By staff reporter
Image: 123RF/rawpixel

Entrepreneurs, here are a few key tips to increase your probability of a successful pitch.

1. Who is the audience?

Let's say you pitch your business idea to a group of varsity students and pitching the same idea to seasoned bankers. The tone, the content and the focus of your pitch would have to be significantly different. Research your target audience.

2. The structure of the pitch

A good pitch needs to tell a story - starting with the problem and how it affects people (your potential market) and then moving on to your solution and how your solution solves the problem at a profit.

3. The pitch versus the clarifying questions

The trick is working out what to put in your pitch and what the likely clarifying questions will be.

4. Headline financials with detailed understanding

When talking about the numbers, you should present only the main headlines but know that the judges (or investors) will ask for details during their clarifying questions.

5. Prep the skeleton

It's a good idea to prepare a broad skeleton of your pitch with a strong sense of your timing rather than the verbatim words you'll be using.

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